How To Harden Off Seedlings

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Have you ever planted seedlings bought from a store in your garden with mixed success. Your results may be due to not preparing the seedlings before planting. If you are starting seeds indoors under grow lights, then you will need to harden off seedlings before transplanting into a garden.

The process to harden off seedlings is not complicated, but it does take a little bit of time as your plants need to acclimate to being outdoors. Expect a week or so to do this before you can plant any seedlings in a garden. The main goal is to ensure your plants will be strong and healthy.

You need to start slow when you start the process to harden off seedlings. One thing that is crucial is to keep track of weather conditions as you do not want to leave plants in extreme hot or cold. This will be a super easy way for you to have an awesome looking garden.

The instructions to properly harden off seedlings are on here..

How To Harden Off Seedlings

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