How To Grow Wheat

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Growing your own food is the best way to be self-sufficient. If you are wondering what types of food a typical homestead can grow, then you may be surprised at the possibilities. You can easily grow corn or other vegetable in a garden, but another option to consider is to grow wheat.

If you have a decent space available on your property, then you can grow wheat and other crops. Farms that are small, often have a selection of crops to use for food. The best thing about growing wheat is the ability to make your own bread. You can also use wheat as fodder for animals.

The only thing you need to know to grow wheat at home is the different types that are available. Wheat can be planted in the spring or in the winter. The option may depend on the climate in your area and what is available for seed.

Instructions to grow wheat on your property are found on here…

How To Grow Wheat

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