How To Grow Potatoes With Spud Towers

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Photo by: Becky’s Homestead

Do you want to grow your own potatoes, but are afraid you do not have space in your garden? Fear not, as there is a really simple way for you to grow potatoes in a small area. The answer is to grow up using spud towers that will be super easy to make.

The best thing about spud towers is they are set up like a compost pile. All you need is some wires to form the frame of your towers. You can easily use leftover chicken wire or hardware cloth to make a set of towers to grow potatoes.

You will use a combination of dirt and hay to make your spud towers. Layers will be added as potatoes start to grow. Just make sure to wait until you see leaves before adding more layers. Simply tip over all towers to dig out all the potatoes when they are ready to harvest.

How To Plant With Spud Towers

Harvesting Potatoes From Spud Towers

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