How To Grow Loofahs And Make Homemade Loofah Soap

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Loofah Soap

Loofah is a climbing vine with fruits that look like cucumbers. The young fruit is edible (sometimes referred to as “Chinese okra”), but when left to dry on the vine, the skin of the fruit becomes the product we refer to as a “loofah sponge.” Loofah sponges are a wonderful way to lather soap and use on the skin to gently exfoliate and remove the surface layer of dead skin cells. Afterward, the skin will look radiant, healthy, and smooth. Also, regular exfoliation will enhance circulation, remove calluses, and prevent ingrown hairs on the face and body. Often we buy loofah sponges, but these easily be grown at home in your garden.

Click Here For Instructions On How to Grow Loofahs

Once you have harvested your loofahs, you will need a recipe to add the soap. We found this recipe from Little House In The Suburbs. Enjoy!

Click Here For Loofah Soap Recipe

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