How To Grow Inca Berries

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The ability to obtain exotic fruits to use for cooking or as a snack will often depend on the options that are available at a local market. You also look at local health stores for a suitable selection. However, a good alternative is to grow various fruits at home. One type of exotic fruit that many people may grow at home is the Peruvian superfood called Inca berries.

Anyone who can grow tomatoes should be able to grow Inca berries to harvest. All you will need to do is prepare an area to grow the fruit and obtain all the supplies that are needed. Often the best place to get some seeds to plant is online. You can also save seeds from Inca berries you have purchased at a local store.

One interesting thing to know about Inca berries is they are resistant to a lot of pests, disease, and even drought. You will need to plant the seeds to grow the fruit in the Spring so you can harvest your berries at the end of the summer season. Another option is to set up a greenhouse to grow your plants during a cold winter.

A little dedication is all that is needed to grow your own Inca berries at home. This means making sure to water regularly, using fertilizer or compost, and any other standard care that is needed. The result of your efforts will be a bumper crop that will cost you less than any store bought fruit.

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How To Grow Inca Berries

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