How To Grow Hundreds Of Potatoes In One Barrel

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How-To-Grow-Hundreds-Of-Potatoes-In-One-Barrel Want to grow potatoes this year? Lots of them in one barrel? Well, Timothy Hurst shares his simple 4-step method to do just that. You can even plant a mixed variety of potatoes so your crop will be diverse. Tim’s method saves any gardener space and time. The first step, asserts Tim, is to start with the right container:

1. Select and prepare a container

You’ll need to pick out a container such as a 50-gallon trash barrel or one of those half whiskey barrel planters. Alternatively, you can buy used food-grade barrels or commercially-available potato planters. Just about any 2 to 3-foot tall container will work, but be sure to select a container that either already has holes in it, or is okay to cut holes in. Next you’ll want to clean your container with a mild bleach solution to get out any of the nasties that have been lingering in there.

Good drainage is critical for the cultivation of healthy potatoes so you’ll want to cut or drill a series of large drainage holes in the bottom and bottom sides of your container. Alternatively, you can cut out the bottom altogether and place it on a well-drained surface like your garden bed.

If you don’t have a 50-gallon trash barrel or a half whiskey barrel then consider the Victorian Potato Barrel, or our favorite, the Island Grow Pots. Both of these versions eliminate the need to cut holes in the container for good drainage.

After you’ve selected your planter, then you’re ready to continue on with Tim’s final three steps. Click the link below to learn from Tim how to grow hundreds of potatoes in one barrel, as he has perfected the process.

Tim’s Full 4-Step Method To Grow Hundreds Of Potatoes In One Barrel


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