How To Grow Fodder To Feed Your Livestock

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Providing fodder is something that you can grow and is not simply a source of material for a magazine or people who like to gossip. The fodder you can grow on your property is actually a food for animals. Fodder can be used as food for pigs, cows, goats, and even chickens. If you are looking to replace the feed for any of your animals, then you may want to grow fodder for this purpose.

Any plot of land can be used to grow fodder for food. This does not mean you need an acre or more as the size of a small garden will work based on what you need. Growing fodder at home will be similar to growing crops or creating a food plot to attract deer. However, you may also grow fodder inside a building if you do not have any area available.

You will actually start the process from seeds that would typically be planted in the ground. Make sure to research the seeds you want to use before you start the process to grow fodder indoors. You will also need proper containers for your fodder to fully develop. Plastic totes will be perfect for growing all the fodder to meet your needs.

Winter is the best time of year to grow fodder inside as conditions outdoors will be too cold. This is an ideal option to grow food to save money when you have many animals to feed. The amount you need will be based on the containers you use and the space that is available.

The grains that you can use to grow fodder may be found online or locally. You can often find the seeds to use for fodder at stores that sell farming supplies. 

Instructions to grow fodder to feed farm animals are found on here…

How To Grow Fodder To Feed Your Livestock

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