How To Grow A Meyer Lemon Tree From Seed

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Growing your own fruit at home provides you with many benefits. You do not need to buy items from a market or worry about the use of pesticides and herbicides. A unique type of fruit bearing tree you may want to grow is a Meyer lemon tree. This will be a perfect item to grow at home in a container.

The most important part of growing a Meyer lemon tree is using viable seeds. Your seed will need to come from organic citrus fruit. Regular store bought fruit may not be suitable because the seeds might not be viable for planting.

Expect to wait a minimum of two to three weeks for your freshly planted seeds to germinate. You can then think about transplanting to a different container as long as the proper care is taken. Once a Meyer lemon tree has reached about five feet and is four to five years old, blossoms should appear.

Instructions for growing a Meyer lemon tree from seed are on

How To Grow A Meyer Lemon Tree From Seed

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