How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies Fast

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Photo by: spytrips

Do you have a problem with fruit flies when you want to work in the kitchen? Fruit flies are annoying and not sanitary when you are preparing meals. Luckily, there is a simple method you can use to get rid of fruit flies. You can make a trap by using a few items in your kitchen.

Things You Need

Clear Plastic Wrap
Coffee Cup or Small Bowl
Fork or Hole Poking Tool
Apple Cider Vinegar

Step 1

Pour a small amount of apple cider vinegar into a coffee cup or small bowl and cover with your plastic wrap.

Step 2

Poke a few holes in the plastic wrap with a fork or any other poking tool in your kitchen. Place the bowl or cup somewhere on your kitchen counter to get rid of fruit flies.

The key to being able to get rid of fruit flies is patience. This trap will need to set out a few days for it to catch and kill fruit flies in your home.

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