How To Get Many Tomato Plants In A Week From One Plant

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A super fast and easy way to grow new tomato plants is to use cuttings instead of trying to start a new tomato plant from seeds. Seed starting is a great activity to do indoors, but patience is needed before you will be rewarded with seedlings. You only need to wait a week or two if you use cuttings.

The use of cuttings is an awesome way to grow new tomato plants as you do not need an existing plant. You can simply ask a neighbor or a friend for some cuttings from their plants. If you know how to grow cuttings from a house plant, then this process is almost exactly the same.

Believe it or not, but a glass of water is all you need to produce new tomato plants from cuttings. You will need to prepare the cuttings first, but this is really simple to do as not tools need to be used.

Information about rooting tomato plants from cuttings is on here…

How To Get Many Tomato Plants In A Week From One Plant

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