How To Fold Napkins To Look Like Christmas Trees

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Photo by: Instructables

Creating an inviting and elegant looking setting for a holiday dinner does not need to be a hard or complicated task. There are a lot of options to make a table setting seem fun and interesting. One way for you to do this to learn how to fold napkins to look like Christmas trees.


Cloth napkins (red, green, and white)
Ironing board

Step 1

Make sure all of your napkins have been ironed to remove and creases.

Step 2

Place one napkin on a table or other flat surface. Make sure there are no wrinkles in the cloth.

Step 3

Align the bottom corners of your napkin with the top and make a fold. Turn the napkin 90 degrees and repeat the same process to make another fold. Turn the napkin another 90 degrees so the open side of the folded napkin is facing you.

Step 4

Fold up each layer towards the top corner and leave one inch in-between each fold. The napkin is now in a shape that looks like a sailboat.

Step 5

Place one hand underneath the napkin and flip it over. Fold each corner to the opposite edge to make a diamond shape.

Step 6

Fold each of the flaps to hide the corners and you now have a folded Christmas tree napkin.

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