How To Flow Hive Honey On Tap Directly From Your Beehive

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The common method that is used to obtain honey is to remove sections from the honeycomb to drain honey that is beneath a wax seal. This process is time consuming and requires doing a lot of work to extract the frames and to gather the honey. However, a new system exists that will allow you to have honey on tap when it is ready to harvest.

The system that is used to obtain honey directly from the hive is called Flow and is a new type of frame that is used to replace existing components in a hive box. You have the option to reuse any old hive box or build a custom hive box to have honey on tap. A few modifications are all that is necessary to install the Flow system in an existing hive box. A complete Flow system also is available if you do not want a custom solution to have honey on tap.

Having honey on tap is an excellent option for any homesteader to have fresh honey for food or have to sell at a local market. All you need to do is open the tap and watch the honey fill your jar.

The key to the Flow system is not having to remove any frames from the hive box. This means you can bottle your honey directly from a hive box without having to disturb the bees. Gravity is all that is used to have raw honey pour out of the hive box. The ease of use of this system means an entry-level beekeeper or people who are already experienced beekeepers can use it to have fresh honey on tap.

If you would like to get your own Flow Hive to have fresh honey on tap, then you can purchase one from the official company website. At this time, you will be redirected to a crowdfunding page to make all purchases and to pledge support. This system is enormously popular and they have far exceeded their crowdfunding goal. They are going into production, delivery dates are being communicated, and are beginning to sell out of their first run sets. 

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