How To Finger Knit + 18 Finger Knit Projects

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Knitting is a really fun and rewarding hobby that is also hard to master. A great alternative is to learn how to finger knit.

Here are several fun finger knit projects you can make for yourself or as a gift. All you will need to do is learn a few basic techniques and make a list of fun projects to consider.

To learn how to finger knit, check out the video below. Then get started making your favorite finger knit projects.

1. 15-Minute Finger Knit Ear Warmer – This is perfect to have for any cold winter day.


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2. DIY Finger Knitted Scarf – A scarf can be made as a gift to use to keep warm.


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3. 30 Minute Boot Cuffs – These are a perfect accessory to use with any pair of boots.


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4. Finger Knit Basket – A basket that is finger knit is perfect for carrying craft supplies.


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5. Handy Finger Knit Storage Tubs – These tubs can be used to keep items like pens to loose change.


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6. DIY Finger Knit Pillow – A pillow can easily be made to use as a decorative item for a couch or bed.


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7. DIY Finger Knit Hula Hoop Rug – You can make a rug to use on a wood floor or other surface.


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8. Finger Knit Blanket – A blanket is a great item to use to keep warm.


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9. Finger Knitted Flowers – These are fun items to make as decorations or simple gifts.


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10. Finger Knit Letter Ornaments – Letter ornaments are fun to display any time of the year.


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11. Finger Knit Wreath – A simple wreath can be made to display indoors or outdoors.


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12. Finger Knitting – Animal Ears in 30 Minutes – These are perfect for any infect or young child.


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13. Wired Word for Your Wall – This project is similar to making a wreath as you are using wires.


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14. DIY Finger Knit Necklace – A necklace is a fun and super easy item to make as a fashion accessory.


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15. Finger Knitted Bracelets – These are also items you can make as fashion accessories.


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16. DIY Finger Knit Animal Scarf – This is a perfect item to make when you need a simple neck warmer.


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17. Finger Knit Hearts and Flowers – Hearts and flowers are perfect items to display as decorations.


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18. Finger Knit Chain Wreath Ornament – Link multiple chains together to make a larger piece of art.


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