How To Energize Yourself With Blue Light

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Do you feel tired in the morning and sluggish throughout the day? This is a common occurrence for many people. Timothy Ferriss (author or The 4-Hour Chef) advocates harnessing energy within the first hour of waking up in order to keep going throughout the day. He recommends blue light therapy. The special properties of blue light on the skin have been known for years for treating skin diseases such as acne and neurodermatitis. The antibacterial effect of the blue light heals and regenerates the skin.

Additionally, blue light is excellent for achieving positive energy for well-being and vitality. A high daily production of sleep hormones, especially during the winter months, is one of the factors responsible for winter depression. Blue light has an inhibiting effect on the sleep hormone melatonin, boosting concentration during the day and allowing you to sleep better and more deeply at night. This enhances the body’s regeneration and helps us feel more active and concentrated. Blue light helps cheer your mood thus counteracting depressive feelings.

While Tim Ferriss suggests using blue light beds, these are often found only at local spas and are not convenient or cost effective for most folks. The most convenient and cost effective solution is a blue light lamp.

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