How To Create A No Dig Garden Bed

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Do you have ground that is really hard or is not really suitable for a garden? A good option that will work well to grow a few fruits and vegetables is to build a raised garden. Another thing to keep in mind is when you may not be allowed to do any digging. This is when a no dig garden bed will be perfect.

The process to make a no dig garden bed is actually really simple. This type of garden bed is created in layers of organic materials. You will be using bone meal, newspapers, alfalfa or hay and some straw. A significant amount of compost will also be needed.

A no dig garden bed is a type of mound that is perfect for a backyard garden. A wire frame can be used if you want to keep the mound contained. The one most important thing you will need to do is to make sure it is well watered.

The instructions to make a no dig garden bed can be found on here…

How To Create A No Dig Garden Bed

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