How To Cook And Eat Giant Grubs

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Wilderness survival is a great skill to have when you are lost in the woods. This is also a skill to have if you are camping and living off the land is part of the challenge. Various types of food can easily be found when you know where to look. You have the option of berries growing on trees and various plants. If protein is a must, then one option that you can consider is cooking grubs.

Most people who are camping or trying to live off the land may not be able to hunt. However, one skill that many people are able to perform is scavenging. This involves looking for sources of food in places that may not be considered by the majority of people. Grubs are often found in trees that are dead or dying.

You may find grubs in various sizes. If you are lucky enough to find giant specimens, then they will be ideal for a meal that requires protein. The most important aspect of cooking food is having a fire handy. This can be done the hard way or taking the easy approach and using matches.

The best way to think about cooking grubs is roasting marshmallows. You will need a stick that will be held over the fire until your grubs are sufficiently cooked. You will need to first prepare the fire that is necessary for this task. This can be done by making a traditional fire or by using a portable grill, if you have one that is handy.

A simple fire pit can be made using rocks that are placed in a circle. You will then need to have various material available to burn. The best option is to use twigs and dead tree branches. Once your fire is at a suitable level, then you can begin cooking your grubs.

Instructions for cooking and eating grubs are found on here…

How To Cook And Eat Giant Grubs

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