How To Conserve Water With A Water Saving Showerhead

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Conserve Water With An Evolve Showerhead

We recently bought an Evolve showerhead and installed it in one of our showers. We are so pleased with it that we’re installing it in all our showers.

The way the Evolve showerhead works is that it reduces your shower water to a mere trickle once the running water turns from cold to warm. This means a serious reduction to wasted water running down the drain. So while you’re letting your shower water heat up, you can brush your teeth or do what ever else you do without worry that you’re wasting water. When you’re ready, hop in the shower and and pull down the lever and enjoy your warm or hot shower.

We installed the Evolve Lady Bug assembly that works with an existing showerhead because we needed the hose attachments for washing our dogs. However, you can purchase an all-in-one showerhead assembly, called the Roadrunner II. They in a chrome and brushed nickle finish. We bought our from Amazon, however, you might be able to buy at a local store. You can purchase directly from the Evolve company too.


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