How To Cold Smoke Chicken For Mouth Watering Deliciousness

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Do you like to cook with coal or add wood chips to infuse a smoky flavor to food? If you like smoking beef, pork, or other types of meat, then you might enjoy cold smoke chicken. The task is not difficult, if you follow the proper steps to prepare the meat and the equipment.

Cold smoke chicken is an awesome way to prepare food for a tasty meal. The only downside is waiting until the process is complete as it will take about 30 hours or so. Smoking is not a fast way to cook meats by any means, but the flavor is hard to beat.

If you have chickens you raise for meat, then cold smoke chicken will turn out awesome. You will only need to make sure to marinate the chicken and prepare the smoker. A dry rub can also be applied if you do not want to use a marinade.

The instructions to prepare cold smoke chicken are on here…

How To Cold Smoke Chicken For Mouth Watering Deliciousness

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