How To Can Tomatoes

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Do you enjoy tomatoes and want to have more to use throughout the year? One way to make sure there is a good supply on hand is to can extras that you pick in your garden. The process to can tomatoes is similar to canning other types of vegetables you may have in your garden.

The best thing about being able to can tomatoes is that a pressure canner is not needed. You will use a water bath canning process to can tomatoes. However, there are a few steps that need to be completed to ensure the task is successful.

Preparation is important when you want to can tomatoes at home. The tomatoes need to be washed and peeled before you start the canning process. Putting the tomatoes in boiling water for at least one minute is all you need to separate the skin. You can then start cutting the tomatoes to fit inside your jars.

The instructions to can tomatoes at home can be found on here…

How To Can Tomatoes

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