How To Butcher, Smoke And Can A Whole Fish

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Canning is a great way to keep various types of food preserved for future use. The most common foods that typically will be canned include vegetables and certain meats. However, fish also can be canned as a way to keep it preserved for an extended period of time. If you are interested in how to can a whole fish, then a few details need to be known.

There are many ways to prepare fish that is purchased whole. Smoking is one way and you also have the option to fry it based on your preference. If you want to can a whole fish, then the best option will be to poach it in warm oil. This is a quick method to can a whole fish that has been recently caught.

Olive oil will be used when you are ready to cook the fish. You also will use the olive oil to fill each of the jars for canning. When you have finished the process, then you need store all the cans in the refrigerator to keep them chilled.

The entire method of preserving an entire fish is not complicated. Detailed steps to cook and can a whole fish is found over at here…

How To Butcher, Smoke And Can A Whole Fish

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