How To Build Your Own Murphy Bed

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Do you have a home that is small, but a desire to have room for people to spend the night? One option for you to save space in one or more rooms in your home is to build your own Murphy bed. This is a great idea for anyone who wants to have a bed that is hidden.

The key to being able to build your own Murphy bed is having the right tools and materials. The wood that you will need should be good quality and so does the hardware you will need to use. You have various options to consider when you want to start this project.

You can build your own Murphy bed by using any design you prefer. This might include having the facade of the bed look like the police box (the Tardis) from the Dr. Who television show. The hardest part of the project may be all the painting that is necessary.

Instructions to build your own Murphy bed are on here…

How To Build Your Own Murphy Bed

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