How To Build An Inexpensive Chicken Tractor

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Do you want to free range chickens, but do not have a suitable area? An awesome solution is to make a simple chicken run or tractor that is portable and does not cost a dime. You only need some scrap wood and some chicken wire to build your own chicken tractor.

The size of your chicken tractor depends on the length of wood you have available. Pallet wood will be perfect for this task as the wood is a suitable length that is not too heavy. A hammer and some nails can be used to assemble the pieces for your enclosure.

Your chicken tractor will be big enough for three to four young chickens. You will need a larger tractor if you want to free range adult chickens. This is a great project to do if you do not want to build a large enclosure or erect a fence for your chickens.

Information about building your own chicken tractor is on here…

How To Build A Chicken Tractor

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