How To Build A Squash Pit For The Best Squash Garden

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Are you interested in growing your own squash, but want to try something a bit different? One solution that is super easy to do is to build a squash pit. A squash pit is a pit that you will dig in the ground that will use compost to grow the best squash. The process to build a squash pit is really easy, but there is some work involved.

Material List

Tape measure
Paper products (phone books, junk mail, etc)


Use the shovel to dig a hole in your backyard or garden that is two feet around and three feet deep. The tape measure can be used to find the depth of the hole.

Fill the hole you just dug with your paper products. Make sure the hole is ¾ full with paper. Tamp down the paper to get as much in the hole as possible.

Fill in the hole with the dirt you dug out earlier. Tamp down the dirt as you fill in the hole.

The hardest part about the process to build a squash pit is waiting to plant your squash.

How To Build A Squash Pit

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