How To Build A Solar Dehydrator Shed

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Do you like using different ways to increase self-sufficiency on your homestead? Preserving food is an important process that is crucial for a sustainable lifestyle. If you have lots of fruits and vegetables that you want to preserve, then consider a solar dehydrator shed as a DIY project.

The best thing about a solar dehydrator shed is you can easily build it using scrap materials and even from an assortment of recycled materials. This means you are able do some recycling or upcycling. One important thing you need to do is review how a dehydrator shed is constructed.

Your solar dehydrator shed will be built in two parts. There is the collector that will be used to provide the heat and a tower with racks to dry out the food. Just make sure that your shed is in a location that is in direct sunlight for most of the day. A wireless thermometer will also be helpful.

Instructions to build a solar dehydrator shed can be found on here…

How To Build A Solar Dehydrator Shed

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