How To Build A Self-Feeding Campfire

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Anyone who enjoys camping knows that a campfire is crucial for cooking and for heat. One thing that can be a pain is having to make a new fire after an existing one goes out. The best way to prevent any fire from going out prematurely will be to build a self-feeding campfire.

The process to build a self-feeding campfire will take some time to finish. There is some significant setup that is needed. The wood you need to use will not cut itself you know. A sturdy frame will also be needed if you want to build a campfire that is self-feeding.

Make sure to find the best type of wood to build a self-feeding campfire. Logs need to be the same size and will be able to burn well. This means you may need to do some searching to find the best wood. A fire that is self-feeding is perfect for a lot of situations.

A video for how to build a self-feeding campfire is available on here…

How To Build A Self-Feeding Campfire

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