How To Build A Round Farmhouse Table

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Making your own furniture is a great option for anyone who likes to work with wood. If you can obtain reclaimed wood from a barn or other structure, then you can build a simple farmhouse table. This is the best way to save money on the cost of a brand new table for your home. Another option is to use an old table and simply add a new table top for an updated look.

If you do not want to use reclaimed wood, then new wood is also an option. This will mean you have an assortment of choices available. Basic wood can easily be found at any home improvement store. If the farmhouse table you want to build needs to be unique, then look for wood at a lumber yard.

The key to making a farmhouse table is attaching the wood and cutting it into a circle. You will need to use screws to secure the boards before cutting the shape of your farmhouse table. Another idea is wood glue to provide extra support. Make sure to wait for the glue to dry before cutting the wood.

You need to use special tools to cut the wood for your farmhouse table. The tool you should use for the cutting that is required is a router. Another option is to use a jig saw. The type of tool to use depends on your preference and the amount of work you want to do. A lot of sanding will be necessary if you use a jig saw.

Practice may be necessary to draw the cut line for your farmhouse table. There are many ways you can draw a circle on the wood that will be used for the top of the table. A simple method to use for drawing a circle involves a screw and string.

Instructions to make a farmhouse table top are found on here…

How To Build A Round Farmhouse Table

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