How To Build A Root Cellar

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Here’s 7 reasons to have a root cellar:

1. They function with a passive cooling system which means there’s no added energy to maintain them.

2. Their dark and cool interiors make a great place for storing saved seeds.

3. They will extend the shelf life of most fruits and vegetables.

4. Because the temperature stays around 40-50 degrees, it’s a great place store canned goods, water, oils, and more.

5. You can leave plants intact longer which will better preserve their nutritional content.

6. If you are a canner, you can delay the process by storing food until the cold weather begins. This way you don’t have to heat up the kitchen during the summer.

7. A well-stocked root cellar provides a sense of well-being as you can keep an ample amount food for the winter season and for times of emergency.

Want to build you own root cellar? For details and instruction with helpful photos, visit here…

How To Build A Root Cellar

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