How To Build A Rolling Grill Cart

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Do you have an outside grill that you just love to use, but may not have anywhere to keep condiments or other accessories? If the answer is no, then a great idea is to make your own rolling grill cart. This type of cart can easily be moved anywhere it is needed.

You do not need a lot of specialized parts to build a rolling grill cart. All you will require is some scrap wood, a few pieces of angle iron and some casters. In fact, you do not really need the angle iron if you want to build the entire cart from wood.

There are many ways you can make a rolling grill cart. A small cooler can even be added for beverages that will be served with a meal or to have for beer when the cook is thirsty. You simply need to determine if any modifications will be needed.

Instructions to build your own rolling grill cart are on here…

How To Build A Rolling Grill Cart

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