How To Build A Keyhole Garden

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Are you interested in trying something new with gardening this spring? There are lots of ways that you can update your garden whenever a change is needed. One option you might find really fascinating is to do compact gardening. You will need to build a keyhole garden for this task.

The process to build a keyhole garden is not very difficult. One thing that you will notice is you have a garden bed that will be really easy to access. Any items that you want to plant can be added to your new keyhole garden. Simply divide the sections of your keyhole garden like you are cutting pie.

When you build a keyhole garden at home, it will have different layers. Compost is important to use in this type of garden. The nutrients from the compost will easily be absorbed by the soil as long as you take the time to water it regularly.

The instructions to build a keyhole garden can be found on here…

How To Build A Keyhole Garden

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