How To Build A Duck Pond

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Here is an easy way to build a duck pond in your backyard. The beauty of this particular design is that the materials are cheap or free. Starting with a kiddie plastic pool and creating a drain hole, you can have a drainable, cleanable and refillable pool that works perfectly. There is no formal instruction for this project just this photo, although you can visit the builder’s info and original photo at the link below. Crutch, the builder of this project, plugs the drain hole with a standard cork. To clean the pond, he unplugs the drain and releases the water. He then spays the bottom of the pool out with a hose and refills. As for the wood enclosure of the pond, Crutch recommends yard tempers or junk 2 x 4 wood that you can pick up from Home Depot or the like.

To see Crutch’s photo and info at, make sure to scroll half way down page…

How To Build A Duck Pond

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