How To Build A Cool Urban Chicken Coop

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Mobile Chicken Coop Want to raise a few chickens in your back yard or on your high-rise roof?   There are TONS of images of the chicken coops people have built (and instructions for building them) that cover the entire range – no matter what your particular need for a coop happens to be.

There are coops big enough for a few chickens and those made for a dozen or more.   The one shown above is a “mobile” coop – which can be moved from location to location on your property.  Why would you want to move your coop?  Well, if your chickens remain mostly in the coop, the ground will need to be cleaned on a regular basis – depending on the amount of chickens you own and how often they are allowed to roam outside the coop.  With a mobile coop, you can move the mess to a new location and let the “used” location to compost.

There are various resources from which you can buy a fully assembled coop or a kit you can assemble. We like this house because it’s portable and one of the best bargains with only assembly required.

You don’t have to be a master carpenter, a chicken coop is a great project for a first-timer.  Just pick up a few tools and a good DIY book, like Building Chicken Coops for Dummies, that will let you know all the “amenities” chicken require to be happy and healthy – and hammer away!


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