How To Build A Brick BBQ

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Photo by: Noel Marshall

Do you like to BBQ meat at home, but do not have a dedicated BBQ to use? The best way to solve this problem is to add a custom brick BBQ to your deck or on a patio. All you need to do is learn how to build a brick BBQ with the materials that are required.

The process to build a brick BBQ are not all that hard, but will be labor intensive. If you have laid new brick before, then you already know what is involved. You need to determine where to build your BBQ and gather the materials and tools you need to use.

Mortar will be the most important material you will use to build a brick BBQ. A level will also be used to make sure the bricks are level as they are being laid. One thing to keep in mind is you may need to cut bricks as you go.

How To Build A Brick BBQ

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