How To Build A Bio Water Filter

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Are you interested in a way to have filtered water that is cheaper than buying filters that is added to the kitchen faucet? Faucet water filters are not exactly cheap and means you should use another option that will be just as effective. A simple bio water filter may be just what you need.

A bio water filter is a great option is you want to filter water from a pond that is mixed with mud. You can easily do this by using a few plastic buckets and some plumbing accessories. However, you can make the filter much smaller if you want something for individual use inside your home.

Activated charcoal is the main component and is the reason a bio water filter is effective. This product is also used in most filters designed for standard faucets. The size of the filter depends on the amount of water you want to have on hand.

Instructions to make your own bio water filter to use at home is on here…

How To Build A Bio Water Filter

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