How To Build A Barn Owl House

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Barn owls can be found around the world, and yet in several parts of the world the population of barn owls is in significant decline. Some areas have even listed the barn owl as threatened or as an endangered species. Habitat destruction and the use of pesticides and herbicides are the most common reasons why the barn owl population is at risk.

One way to increase the barn owl population is to encourage them to settle on safe properties free of poisonous chemicals. Installing a barn owl house will help attract owls to your property.

Barn owls provide a great benefit as they help keep rodent life under control. A single pair of barn owls can feast on about 2000 rodents per year.

If you’re considering attracting barn owls to your property, we found information and building plans to help you build a single house structure.

If you’re not a builder, yet, still want to add have a barn owl house, then head over Amazon to purchase one. They have several available at a reasonable price.

Click Here For Barn Owl Box Plans

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