How To Build A 3 Drum Rainwater Collection Tank System

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that collecting rainwater in a valuable way to conserve water and reduce consumption from water facilities. Despite what’s obvious to most, there are bureaucrats throughout several states in the US that have made it their mission to restrict and ban the collection of rainwater. Before you setup a rainwater collection tank, make sure you have the freedom do to so where you live.

With that being said, harvesting as much water as you can is an excellent way to reduce your water bill. Collect water on the days it rains, store it in a tank system, and then used it for the majority – if not all – of your gardening needs. Having a water collection tank on your property is a great step in the right direction to be prepared for any sort emergency or disaster situation too. Should you need water from your collection tank, you can take some and purify it for drinking, cooking and other necessities.

This article is for a 3 drum rainwater collection tank. You can add one of these systems (or more!) to collect rooftop rainwater by setting it up so that you feed water directly from the rain gutters. For instruction on how to make this system visit here…

3 Drum Rainwater Collection Tank System

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