How To Beat The Japanese Beetle

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Do you have flowers or plants in a garden that are being visited by the Japanese beetle? These bugs eat an assortment of plants ranging from flowers to various types of fruits. They are easy to spot as the bugs will have a bronze and metallic green color. The good news is they can be beat.

There are many methods available to get rid of the Japanese beetle in your garden. The best option will be to simply trap them, but you can also use an environmentally-friendly spray. A spray will need to be applied to the leaves of your plants. This will keep the bugs away.

Be prepared to put a lot of effort to rid your garden of the Japanese beetle. You simply cannot set a trap or spray only one time and expect the problem to go away. The process to get rid of these bugs will take a bit of time, but the results will be rewarding.

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How To Beat The Japanese Beetle

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