Hot Pepper Jelly Recipe And Canning Instructions

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Do you grow various peppers in your garden? Fresh peppers are a great item to add to a recipe, but you can also preserve them by canning. A hot pepper jelly recipe can be used if you want something new to try. This is really easy can even be done using peppers you can buy at the store.

You can use various methods for canning when using a hot pepper jelly recipe. A super easy option is a water bath process that can be done with a large pot. If you have a pressure canning unit, then you have a perfect option already.

A hot pepper jelly recipe can easily be modified based on your needs. You have the option to add a new type of pepper or replace a hotter pepper with something that is a little more mild. Just make sure all of the cans are clean and sterilized.

You can find a simple hot pepper jelly recipe to make at home on here…

Hot Pepper Jelly Recipe And Canning Instructions

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