Hot Dandelion Dressing With Bacon – A Recipe From 1946

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A new recipe is not always needed to make something that is totally yummy and really tasty. You may be surprised that your grandparents or great grandparents often had a lot of recipes for homemade meals. People who lived on farms in the past had many interesting options like making a dandelion dressing.

Do you have a yard and really dislike the look of dandelions? You can save a lot of money on the use of a weed treatment by harvesting dandelions that seem to pop up after the start of spring. A little cleaning of your dandelions is all that is needed to use them to make a dandelion dressing.

The best thing about making a dandelion dressing is you get to add bacon. Bacon is a great item for a homemade meal if you are serving potatoes. A basic process is all that is needed to prepare a meal that your past relatives may have made.

A tasty recipe for bacon dressing from 1946 is found on here…

Hot Dandelion Dressing With Bacon

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