Homemade Whipped Cream Recipe

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Photo by: scratchmommy.com

The addition of whipping cream to certain types of food is like the icing on a cake as it will add flavor and a unique texture. However, most whipping creams that are bought at a grocery store have preservatives and the addition of other not so healthy ingredients. The best option is to make homemade whipped cream. This is something that you can make from scratch with the right ingredients.

Many people who need a quick option for whipped cream typically buy a bottle or a frozen container. If you are tired of store-bought products then a homemade whipped cream is an ideal solution. By far, homemade whipped cream tastes better and is healthier than anything that is store-bought. The ingredients in this recipe used for homemade whipped cream is all-natural.

You will use vanilla and maple syrup as sweeteners for your homemade whipped cream that will need to be thoroughly mixed. This can be done using a standard mixer or a basic hand mixer. You only need a suitable bowl and at least five minutes. If you do not want to use maple sugar, then you may add other sweeteners based on your needs.

The most important detail about making any homemade whipped cream is to have clean utensils. This will include the bowl and the blades for your mixer. You also should use organic ingredients.

There are many ways to use a homemade whipped cream to enjoy it with fruit or dessert. You can use a basic spoon or pipe it with an icing bag used by cake decorators. Or simple just dip fresh fruit into a bowl of your light and decadent whipped cream.

Enjoy this simple recipe for homemade whipped cream from scratchmommy.com here…

Homemade Whipped Cream Recipe

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