Homemade Water Wheel Electric Generator

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Photo by: askaprepper.com

Are you familiar with water wheels that are used for grinding flour? If you have a stream or a source of running water on your property, then you may want to build your own water wheel electric generator. A simple generator can be made with a couple of water wheels.

The key to generating power from a water wheel electric generator is speed. This is why you need to set up two wheels for your generator. The first wheel drops water onto the smaller wheel which will then turn a lot faster. Just make sure you have a good supply of water available.

A DC motor, the generator from a car, or a dynamo will also be needed to create electricity. You might want to use an inverter to store the electricity in a battery. The amount of electricity that is created will likely depend on the speed of water for your water wheel electric generator.

Information about building a water wheel electric generator is on askaprepper.com here…

Homemade Water Wheel Electric Generator

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