Homemade Peach Butter Recipe

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Photo by: attainable-sustainable.net

Do you have a local market in your area where you can buy fresh fruit? This is a great way to get foods you cannot grow at home. One type of food that is tasty that typically spoils really fast is peaches. Your best bet is to use extra peaches to make a treat like homemade peach butter.

Homemade peach butter is a tasty treat that does not have a lot of sugar. You will see that peaches have a juicy and sweet taste, which is completely natural. The butter is preservative free and means you need to use keep it refrigerated and use it in about two weeks.

Another option is to freeze a few containers that you can thaw when needed. The best tool to use when you are making a homemade peach butter is an immersion blender. However, you can use any blender to mix the ingredients to make a batch of butter.

Instructions to make a homemade peach butter are on attainable-sustainable.net here…

Homemade Peach Butter Recipe

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