Homemade Papo Secos Portuguese Rolls Recipe

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Photo by: easyportugueserecipes.com

Are you interested in a new way to make homemade bread rolls? There are many recipes available that require various ingredients and all sorts of different steps. However, one type that you can easily make at home are super tasty Portuguese rolls.

The best thing about making Portuguese rolls is you will be using basic ingredients. The only item you may need to go get will be the yeast. This task is super simple and does not take long to do. Patience is likely to be the most important part of the project.

Waiting for the yeast to do its thing is the longest part of making Portuguese rolls as you need to wait a full hour. The rest of the process goes pretty quick until the dough needs to proof or rise before you are ready for baking. Just bake for at least five minutes or until they are a golden brown color.

Instructions to make a batch of tasty Portuguese rolls are on easyportugueserecipes.com here…

Homemade Papo Secos Portuguese Rolls Recipe

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