Homemade Orange Cream And Chocolate Scones

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People who like a serving of quick bread or a cake in the evening also often enjoy scones. These scones are a great option to have as a snack in the afternoon or after a meal. You may be surprised to know that this is an item which is similar to a pasty (a traditional pastry item more widely known in England and the eastern states of the US), but the proportions of ingredients are different. If you are interested in making this type of treat, then this simple recipe can be used.

You have many options for the filling to use for your scones. The type of fruit or filling to use is based on your particular preference or the ingredients you have available. You can even replace ingredients that are sweet with ones that are savory to use as an addition to a meal. All you need to do is determine the flavor of scones you want to make.

If you want to make scones with a flavor of orange cream and chocolate, then all the ingredients you need can be found at a local grocery store or a local market that has baking supplies. The best type of chocolate to use for these scones is semi-sweet chocolate chips.

One interesting way to complete your scones is to cover with powdered sugar. A glaze is also an option if you want these treats to have a really sweet flavor. This is similar to icing that you can make to add to a batch of cinnamon rolls.

Making scones is a lot like baking a batch of cookies as you will use a sheet pan to bake all the treats in a standard oven. The size of the scones you make can always be determined by the quantity you need. 

Instructions to make a batch of scones at home are found on scratchmommy.com here…

Homemade Orange Cream And Chocolate Scones

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