Homemade No-Churn Ice Cream (Only 3 Ingredients)

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Photo by: instructables.com

Does the idea of making homemade ice cream sound fantastic, if there was no churning involved? There is a simple way to make no-churn ice cream whenever you want a tasty snack. A freezer will be needed as you need to wait for the ice cream to harden before devouring it.

You can make no-churn ice cream by hand or use an electric mixer. If you have ever used whipping cream to make a homemade icing for a cake, then making ice cream is similar. A loaf pan is all you need once you have prepared the ice cream for the freezer. However, you can use any type of pan that is metal.

Vanilla is the easiest flavor of no-churn ice cream to make. However, you can add chocolate chips for a little variety. You may find you need to prepare another batch as the first one probably will not last very long.

No-Churn Ice Cream Recipe


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