Homemade Fresh Fish Fertilizer

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Photo by: growyourowngroceries.org

Do you like to fish, but have no use for the scraps left over after cleaning your fish? The scraps will be a great base to make a homemade fish fertilizer. All you need for this project is a single 5-gallon bucket that still has its lid.

If you are familiar with making compost using a bucket, then fish fertilizer is really similar. Time is all you need to create an emulsion that can be used to fortify any container or garden area. One thing about this project is keeping the bucket away from sunlight. Any shaded area around your home will work for this requirement.

Maintaining a bucket of smelly fish might not seem like a fun activity, but the fish fertilizer you make is full of nutrients plants will absolutely love. The best thing is the cost is free if you already have buckets that can be used for this project.

Instructions to make your own fish fertilizer at home are on growyourowngroceries.org here…

Homemade Fresh Fish Fertilizer

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