Homemade Dutch Baby Recipe (German Pancakes)

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Photo by: chocolatechocolateandmore.com

Are you interested in recipes for meals you can make in a cast iron skillet? There are many options that can be used for all types of meals. If you are looking for a breakfast meal, then you might want to try making a German pancake by using a dutch baby recipe.

The best thing about a dutch baby recipe is it has minimal prep time. 5 minutes prep time will be all that is needed. The baking time is only 20 minutes and you will have a meal ready to eat. The one thing to keep in mind is the size of skillet you want to use.

A homemade batter will be need to be made for a dutch baby recipe. However, you can use any type of cream, sugar, or even fresh fruit for the topping. This is a tasty item that is really easy to make anytime you want something that is delicious for breakfast.

You can find a super easy dutch baby recipe on chocolatechocolateandmore.com here…

Homemade Dutch Baby Recipe (German Pancakes)

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