Homemade Cast Iron Pan Protectors

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Cooking with cast iron is something that is done by many people who do not like to use the cheap pans that are found at a lot of retail stores. If you have acquired new cast iron pans or have purchased a set of pans at a garage sale or thrift store, then a method is needed to keep them protected. You can easily do this by making your own cast iron pan protectors.

Stacking pans when they are not in use can eventually lead to scratches and damage to the surface. The best way to keep the surface of the pans protected is to use a set of cast iron pan protectors. If you have a set of pans that do not have any type of protection, then cast iron pan protectors are ideal.

A few supplies are all that is needed to make a set of cast iron pan protectors. You can find all the supplies you need in the kitchen supply area of most retail stores or on the Internet. A pair of scissors will be all you need to make a custom protector for all your cast iron pans.

If you are currently using a few sheets of paper towel to protect cast iron pans, then a custom solution will offer a better option. The reason paper towels and similar material is not the best option to use for cast iron pan protectors is it can stick to the bottom of the pans. The custom protectors you can make at home do not stick to the pans.

A pencil or a felt tip marker is needed to trace the size of the pan on the material to make your cast iron pan protectors. If you find these work out well, then you can easily make extra to have as a gift.

Instructions to make your own cast iron pan protectors are found on theysmell.com here…

Homemade Cast Iron Pan Protectors

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