Homemade BBQ Chips Recipe

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Photo by: weedemandreap.com

Do you enjoy eating flavored chips bought at the store, but do not want any of the additives? A perfect choice is to make your own at home. You have a lot of options to consider like homemade BBQ chips. This will be really easy to do at home with potatoes from your garden when you want a tasty snack.

Pan frying is the method that is used to make homemade BBQ chips. The one thing about pan frying is you will not be using a typical vegetable oil. You can use coconut oil or lard. Lard may be better if you want a tastier chip.

The most important thing about making homemade BBQ chips is getting the flavor right. You need the proper spices to get the desired flavor. The spices you will use include chili powder, garlic powder, paprika and onion powder. Just make sure to slice your potatoes to the thickness that you prefer.

Instructions to make your own homemade BBQ chips are on weedemandreap.com here…

Homemade BBQ Chips Recipe

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