Fresh Breath With Homemade Altoids

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We’re in love with this homemade Altoids recipe and are thrilled to make our own.

Are you familiar with Altoids’ history? Altoids date back to King George III. They were created by a London-based company in the 1780s. In the 19th century, they became owned by a company called Callard & Browser and became known for their advertising slogan “The Original Celebrated Curiously Strong Mints” due to their high concentration of peppermint oil.

Who knew they have been around for so long! Today, the brand owner is Wrigley and they are manufactured in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Peppermint Altoids still is a top seller.

The flavors of Altoids have grown to include many favorites: wintergreen, spearmint, cinnamon, ginger, and licorice. There have been other flavors over the years such as dark chocolate, raspberry, lime, apple, tangerine, and mango, but these have been discontinued.

The good news is that these popular mints can me made at home quite easily. You can create any flavor your taste buds demand.

Consider making homemade Altoids as gifts or party favors, too, as they are sure to be enjoyed.

Make your own homemade Altoids with One Good Thing By Jillee’s recipe here…

Homemade Altoids Recipe

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