How To Hand Milk A Cow Or Goat

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People who have never worked on a dairy farm or a farm with milk cows may not realize how milking is done. Milking cows by hand is not as common today because of the use of technology, but smaller farms may still hand milk a cow. The process may seem easy, but knowing the best methods and techniques is a bonus.

For those that are interested in how to milk goats, the process of milking a cow is the same as milking a goat that you keep on a farm. However, there are some drawbacks when you hand milk a cow or goat. Primarily, you will have to contend with sore arm muscles and a sore hand. That being said, the overall process will allow you to do any milking that is necessary. When it comes to hand milking a cow or goat, there are a few basics steps you will need.

The most important aspect to keep in mind when milking a cow is to clean off each teat. This needs to be done to remove any manure, dirt, and debris. Fresh milk is not good eats when debris is present. An ideal solution to clean the teats of a cow is to use a warm rag. With this step in place, the process of hand milking is likely to go much smoother.

Fresh milk from a cow needs to be collected in a container. The best option is a large metal bucket that can hold a few gallons of milk. One important aspect to keep in mind when you hand milk a cow is not to tug on a teat. A firm squeeze is all that is needed to squirt out the milk.

The first few squirts of milk when you hand milk a cow contain the most bacteria. This means you will need to dump this out before continuing. You should also check to make sure there are no lumps or any other features that do not look right.

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How To Hand Milk A Cow Or Goat

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